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The Team Life Members Honorary Members
HB9DHG Fulvio
HB9OBO Fabio #1 DJ1YFK Fabian
HB9FBS Goran
HB9OCH Manuel #2 IZ4GWE Michele
HB9FBM Fabio
HB9RXR Daniele #3 HB9FIR Claudio
HB9CIP Daniele
#4 I2RTF Pietro
HB9PUE Mauro
#5 IS0AFM Simone

The above Honor list, is a special list of people who practice and love the Morse (CW).

To join the list you need to be confirmed by at least two members (operators or life members). Particular attention is paid to the award of this certificate number for which you must demonstrate the basic knowledge of the Morse but above all, be recognized as a special operator who comply with this mode as well enhancing and promoting contact on CW with enthusiasm and loyalty.